The color of the teeth is influenced by both the intrinsic color of the tooth and the presence of extrinsic spots that may form on the tooth surfaces. The intrinsic color is associated with the reflection and absorption of light by the enamel and dentine that form the teeth.
There are three ways to improve the color of your teeth:
1. Cleaning and polishing: These are the usual treatments performed by your hygienist during your regular appointments. This treatment only removes extrinsic staining and must precede whitening in the chair or at home.

2. Chair whitening: This is the fastest whitening treatment. It is often completed in one visit to the dentist who, after having protected your gums, apply a gel with high concentration of active product.

3. Whitening at home: The most common and very effective treatment. Following an examination by your dentist, trays are custom designed and come with a bleaching gel. The treatment lasts about two weeks for one hour a day.

This treatment is free for all our regular patients *A gift worth 400$
* A maximum of one treatment per year per patient.